Less than a month since sending the PCBs to the online fab, they have arrived.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with how quick they arrived and the quality of the boards. I’ve not done any electrical tests on the boards yet, but visually they look fine, with just a small amount of silkscreen smudged in places (not that bad really).

As can be seen from the photo below, the board is certainly larger than my finger is thick, and to be honest it’s a bit bigger than I was expecting. I’m sure I could make the whole thing smaller, but this was my first PCB design in over 10 years, so lessons to learn…

Swim Watch PCB

Swim Watch PCB

However, for now it gives me something to work with and improve.

I’ve just ordered the components from Farnell, which should arrive next day (except the SMD switches, which I had to buy from Ebay). I should be able to get the first prototype built over the next couple of days, though it might be a week or so till I figure out how to make this thing watertight (might try the cling-film test again).

Also, for anyone who’s interested, I have 10 of these things, but I’ll probably only need about 3/4 for testing. If anyone’s willing to pay the cost of shipping, then I’d be happy to send over a board or two (minus components). Would be useful to have some testers.